Martyrvore full lenght recordings finished, soon on Deathrune Recs !

MARTYRVORE recordings finished for full lenght , soon on Deathrune Recs !
Recordings for the “Obliteration” album have been finished, be prepared for a killer dosis of old school ritualistic Death/Black Metal the way it’s meant to be done, raw and merciless!
Soon to be released on Deathrune Records, meanwhile check sound samples to get a taste of what’s about to come !

Selbstmord- No Forgiveness! CD OUT NOW !!

SELBSTMORD – No Forgiveness! CD OUT NOW !!

Long awaited new album finally available! Elite Polish Black Metal in the pure early 90’s Polish BM tradition.
For sound samples visit the Bandcamp section.

CD edition available for 11.00 € postage paid everywhere.

Since the webshop it’s still in the works please use the email adress to place orders.


Unspoken joins Deathrune Records !

Norvegian Blackened Death Metal band UNSPOKEN joins Deathrune Recs for the release of their 2nd new album “Requiem Aeternum Deo” to be released in CD and LP format very soon ! More details will follow.
Also, during 2013 its scheduled to be released under Deathrune’s banner a new edition of UNSPOKEN’s first album “Primal Revelation” in CD & LP format, this one has originally been self released by the band and its actually long time sold out.
So, keep an eye open for more news!