NAER MATARON – “Και ο λόγος σάρξ εγένετο” 2×12″LP soon on Deathrune Records!

DEATHRUNE RECORDS proudly anounces it’s next coming release to be the vinyl edition of NAER MATARON’s latest work “Και ο λόγος σάρξ εγένετο” (And the Word became f…lesh) !!

This one to be released as a limited Double 12″ LP edition, will come as a gatefold cover along with a 4 pages inner insert… Additionally will include 3 bonus tracks exclusive for this vinyl edition. To be released within next two months. More info soon !


New Website finally starts to take form!

After countless problems and delays which made things difficult and kept this website almost dead, finally looks like we’ve found a competent webmaster to help with the reconstruction and reorganization of this website and webshop.

For now the website is being redesigned and reorganized bit by bit and hopefully it will not take much longer until will be ready… and on the other side the webshop its also being rearranged and an inventory is being done too, this might take a more work so meanwhile the old webshop will remain available, so if there’s something you wish to order please feel free to do it and we’ll confirm availability.      Thanks to all for the patience !


Selbstomord- “No Forgiveness!” 12″ LP

After a long and painful delay finally available the long avaited vinyl edition of SELBSTMORD’s “No Forgiveness!” album.  Comes in great looking gatefold cover and its limited to 500 copies.  Until webshop will be 100% functional  interested ones can order it for 14 € + postage  writing at: or looking for it on Discogs or Ebay.    Also, still available the CD edition including one bonus track for 8 € + postage…


Kawir – Isoteos 12″LP vinyl edition finally available !!

Available now the long awaited vinyl edition of Kawir’s Isotheos album.. comes in anazing looking gatefold cover and it’s limited to 500 copies..
Since the webshop its still under reconstruction, you can order it for 14 € + postage from: or at Ebay and Discogs searching for it.     Also, still available the CD edition including one bonus track for 8 € + postage…



Martyrvore full lenght recordings finished, soon on Deathrune Recs !

MARTYRVORE recordings finished for full lenght , soon on Deathrune Recs !
Recordings for the “Obliteration” album have been finished, be prepared for a killer dosis of old school ritualistic Death/Black Metal the way it’s meant to be done, raw and merciless!
Soon to be released on Deathrune Records, meanwhile check sound samples to get a taste of what’s about to come !