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Celtic Frost1

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Limited t0 18 copies   Import from Canada

Side 1 of tyrants 1985 demo
a2.visual aggressor 1985 demo
a3.suicidal winds 1985 demo
a4.journey into the fear 1985 demo
a5.return to the eve 1985 demo the chapel, in the moonlight 1987 The Collector’s Celtic Frost 12″
a7.roses without thorns from the tankard split flexi 1988

side 2
b1.celtic thunder 1984 demo
b2.into crypts of rays 1984 demo
b3.nocturnal fear 1984 demo
b4.procreation of the wicked 1984 demo
b5.messiah 1998 demo
b6.the 3rd and the storm 1984 demo
b7.morbid tales 1984 demo
b8.dethroned the emperor 1984 demo