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Limited edition tape edition with new 7-panel artwork Cover art is Maniac Mark Riddick’s interpretation of the original, bestial artwork.

Pro color cover and pro tape


Side Grave
A1 Sacrament Of Blood 2:55
A2 Chopped And Chewed 2:13
A3 Unholy Devourment 2:46
A4 Bestial Sacrifice 3:39
A5 Crucified In Flames 1:49
Side Desecration
B1 Severed Goat’s Head 2:57
B2 Vaginal Blood Feast 2:16
B3 Bloody Vomit 2:56
B4 His Majesty Commands 0:22
B5 Antichrist 1:15
B6 Burning Crosses 4:18