BESTIAL MOCKERY Chainsaw Destruction (12 Years on… CD CD

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Compilation of live, unreleased, rehearsal, demo, 7″, etc. tracks.
Limited to 1000 copies.


1 Domesticator
2 Blackened Death
3 Morbid Invertation
4 Goats Feast
5 Slaughter Mass
6 I Will Puke On Christ
7 Prolapsing Orgy Of The Twisted Black
8 Chainsaw Kill
9 Slaining The Life
10 Corpse From The Trash
11 A Flash From A Razor
12 The Abyss Ritual Of Chaos
13 Chainsaw Metal
14 Sepulchral Wrath
15 Cicumsing Vagina With Bottle The Blunt
16 Liten Kristen
17 Kaso Of Drunken Sick Metal Supreme
18 Bestial Warfare
19 Sledgehammer Sacrifice
20 Final Attack


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