6 panel cover
Black cassete with white ink


A1 Intro: Elders Of The Apocalypse / Blood Upon The Alter
A2 Blasphemous Attack
A3 Gods Of War
A4 Intro / Atomic Nuclear Desolution
A5 Nocturnal Slayer
A6 Emperor Of The Black Abyss
A7 Intro / Blasphemy
A8 Intro / Necrosadist
A9 War Command
A10 Empty Chalice
B1 Ross Bay Intro
B2 War Command
B3 Demoniac
B4 Intro
B5 Weltering In Blood
B6 Ritual
B7 Nocturnal Slayer
B8 Blasphemy
B9 Intro / Blasphemous Attack / Guitar Effect Outro

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Cassette edition Limited to 100 copies