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  1. 6o66y estes

    Coming from somebody who’s schooled well in this and all other satanic/black heavy metal, from knowing everything causing it’s birth, back in a time when being too open about anything occult was socially unacceptable and even dangerous!!! Well, this record is a result after years of records being burned, and national ridicule from the governments around the world trying to openly ban metal because of the lyric, art work, eventually attacking metal artists forcefully because there music wasn’t anything they ever thought would bring enough leather/spikes/and pissed off people together causing uproar in the establishment.. After that, publicly terrorizing, and eventually attacking everyone who’s involved in this “heavy metal” from its Artist’s catching legal harassment every witch direction all the way back to the teenagers/kids who only like the music, are socially labelled “DANGEROUS” and even some case’s died from unspeakable beatings brought on by the governments propaganda that demonized heavy metal, and so badly, eventually made it socially acceptable to go after those involved in the music made to suffer badly enough causing suicides, and casualties in ways that finally turned people like MYSELF whose suffered enough bringing myself , and so many to the only ones who accepted us all along.. Heavy Metals people in the flesh, Satans Metal standing victorious afterwards and more brutal faster angry and heavier than ever!! CONQUEROR “war.cult.supremacy” is a perfect result of pissed off METAL answering with an all out assault destroying the common masses and there religious bullshit, it’s a violent explosion thats nothing short of masterfully made!!! For fans of BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT, MYSTIFIER, BLACK WITCHERY, and SATAN!!!(((BEASTIAL BLACK WAR METAL)))

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