Embrace of Thorns Atonement Ritual VINYL VINYL

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Side Diabolus
A1 His Bloodstained Claws Of Victory (Intro) 1:42
A2 Atonement Ritual 3:37
A3 Tombs Of The Desecrated Zealots 3:26
A4 Impure Orgasm (Intro) 0:46
A5 Nemesis Of Impurity 3:43
A6 Venom In Veins 2:06
Side Prevalence
B1 Death Yells In Triumph 3:49
B2 Litanies Of Inversion (Intro) 1:27
B3 Ceremonial Rites Of Fornication 2:27
B4 Hymn To Triumph & Treachery 2:48
B5 Perdition Hammer 2:52
B6 Perished In Mortal Agony (Second Death) 3:59
B7 Altars Of Malefic Triumph (Outro) 1:48


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