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A1 –Glorification Poder Ancestral De Los Abismos
A2 –Glorification Down Our Boots Rest The Stench And The Putrid Blood Of Yvhv
A3 –Glorification I Will Glorify The Power That Emerge From Your Sick Cadaveric Altar Intensified On Black Interminable Wrath
A4 –Glorification A Forgotten Holy Trinity Was Immersed In Eternal Fervent Furious Flames
A5 –Glorification The Impious Revelation Of Dark Wisdom Comes
B6 –Evil Spectrum Reigning Over Darkness
B7 –Evil Spectrum Occult Sin (The Serpent’s Poison)
B8 –Evil Spectrum Bringer Of Chaos
B9 –Evil Spectrum Nazarenus Grave (The Demon’s Rise)
B10 –Evil Spectrum Nocturnal Ghouls
B11 –Evil Spectrum Angel Exterminador (Hadez Cover)