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CD1 (13 tracks, 74 minutes)
1: Split EP with Sigh, 1994
2-3: Eumenides EP, 1994
4: From To Cavirs MLP 1995, which is a different version than the one on To Cavirs CD edition
5: Unreleased track recorded in 1997 with Iapetos 666 from Unholy Archangel, Chaosbaphomet on vocals
6: Split EP with Zemial, 2003
7: Split EP with Nocternity, 2003
8-9: Promo 2007. This is the 2-track promo CD that Therthonax sent to Those Opposed Records in 2007. These tracks later appeared on the Ophiolatreia album but re-recorded.
10: Different and unreleased mix of Sword of Dardanus, still with Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ on guest vocals.
11: Split EP with Scythian, 2011
12: Split LP with Embrace of Thorns, Soulskinner, Nergal, 2012
13: Unreleased track recorded in 2010

CD2 (12 tracks, 70 minutes)
1-10: Last rehearsal before their 20th anniversary show in Athens, the basic line-up being Therthonax (guitars), Philippos (guitars), Phaesphoros (guitars on tracks 6, 7, 8, 9, and vocals), Ormenos (drums, from Borgne,) and Askalophos (bass). Many prominent figures from the Hellenic scene of 90’s participate as guests in this release:
-Acherontas VP from Acherontas – vocals on “Artemis” and “Hermes”
-Hildr Valkyrie from ex-Nocternity – female vocals on “Sinn” and “To Cavirs”
-Ravenlord Wampyri Draconium from Chaosbaphomet, Empire of the Moon – vocals on “Hecate’s and Ianos” and “To Cavirs
-Jim from Sarcastic Terror – vocals on ”Isotheos”

11-12: new tracks
-Archon Vorskaath from Zemial, drums on “Thanatos”
-Eskarth the Dark One from Agatus, guitar solos on “Thanatos”
-Jim from Sarcastic Terror, vocals on ”Thanatos”
-Kostas Savvidis from (Septicemia, ex-Nightfall, ex-Mahakala) drums on “Marasmus”