POISON Further Down into the Abyss

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A1 – B1 “Into The Abyss” demo December 1986
B2 – B3 “Awakening Of the Dead” demo March 1986
C1 – C5 Rehearsal November 1986
D1 – D3 Live February 1987


A1 Sphinx
A2 Yog-Sothoth
A3 Requiem/Alive (Undead)
B1 Slaves Of The Crucifix
B2 Wake The Dead
B3 Legions Of Hell
C1 Satan Commands
C2 Witchfynde
C3 Zombie Dance
C4 Angel Of Satan
C5 Black Death
D1 Alive (Undead)
D2 Slaves (Of The Crucifix)
D3 Yog-Sothoth