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Double LP in gatefold cover including fanzine-like booklet  + extra CD

Side D is screen printed. Housed in a gatefold sleeve with an additional slipcase.

Tracklist Show Credits

Unreleased Track from “World Downfall” Studio Session 1989
A1 Collapse
Unreleased Demo 12/1987 (Original Version / Pre Split Demo Tape)
A2 Ripped To Shreds
A3 Corporation Pull-In
A4 After World Obliteration
A5 Human Prey
A6 Strategic Warheads
A7 Fall Out
A8 Infestation
Split Demo Tape with Nausea 1/1988
B1 Corporation Pull-In
B2 Human Prey
B3 Infestation
B4 Ripped To Shreds
B5 Strategic Warheads
B6 After World Obliteration
Live at Silverlake Motel Los Angeles, CA 2/10/87
B7 And We Suffer…
Nightmares Demo 24/1/1987
C1 Nightmares
C2 Benediction
C3 Mayhem
C4 Terror
C5 Crematorium
C6 The Dead Shall Rise
Rehearsal/Demo 25/4/1987
CD-1 Strategic Warheads
CD-2 After World Obliteration
CD-3 Human Prey
CD-4 Resurrection
CD-5 Re-Animator
CD-6 Ripped To Shreds
CD-7 Dead Shall Rise
CD-8 Mayhem
CD-9 Crematorium
Bonus Rehearsal 1987
CD-10 Funeral Bitch
Rehearsal/Demo 22/8/1987
CD-11 After World Obliteration
CD-12 Fear Napalm
CD-13 Fallout
CD-14 Ripped To Shreds
CD-15 Resurrection
CD-16 Barely Alive
CD-17 Human Prey
CD-18 Nuclear Dismemberment
CD-19 Maggot Infestation
Rehearsal 25/10/1987
CD-20 Evil Dead
Live at Hoover Auditiorium LA, CA 21/3/87
CD-21 Crematorium
CD-22 Re-Animator
CD-23 Benediction
CD-24 Evil Dead