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Very good zine with attitude here, this one in half-sized format – but fear not: the editor doesn’t waste space and the pages are well laid out and full of information.

The zine focuses on Black and Death Metal, with interviews with known and lesser-known bands: Crypthowl, Posthumous, Impaler, Unholy Massacre, Rigor Mortis, Damien Thorne, Koldborn, Abattory, Macabre (hilarious comments by the editor because of the interviewee’s attitude), Urn and Death SS. Also included is a “3 interviews in 1” with labels Horror Records, Warlord Records and Painkiller Records.

A couple of band biographies are included, as well as a South East Asian Metal Report. The number of album reviews is quite adequate for the size of the zine and the reviews are generally descriptive enough to give you a good idea of what to expect.