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Chaosbaphomet formed in Winter of 2003 when R.W.Draconium (Empire of the Moon) and Iapetos 666 (Unholy Archangel) gathered under the horned Moon and decided to create a legion that will be guided by the Occult Black Arts,channeled through the traditional aesthetic of Hellenic Black Metal.

It was 2004 when they released the first demo tape called “Temple of the Serpent Baphomet” in a limited edition of 666 copies under the banner of Acherontas Promotions and Unholy Distro,with Warhead behind session Drumming.

In 2007 the split 7”ep with Crucifixion Wounds comes out entitled as “Rex Demonicus” through Deathstrike Records (Germany) in limitation of 500 copies.

In 2011 Chaosbaphomet participate to the first Hellenic Black Metal 4 way split ever, entitled as “Feast of the Diabolical” through Bleak Bone Mortualia (Germany) and the tape version through DeUmbris Production (Hellas).

Another 7”ep comes out in 2012.”The Black Communion” was released under the banner of Under the Sign of Garazel (Poland) in a limited to 500 gatefold ep.Skylephtis is behing the session Drumming for this release.

Chaosbaphomet performs the first live show ever as guests of Kawir who are the headliners of the event in 2014.Acherontas,Yngve and Enochian Dreamer are the guest session members that fulfill the legion for this Rite!

2016 is the year when they release their Debut full length Album entitled as “Promethean Black Flame”.A concept album for the Eldest of all Gods…Titans!This time Deathrune Records (Spain) owns the cd and vinyl version.