Country of origin: Poland
Formed in: 1998
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical themes: National Socialism, Suicide, War, Hatred, Anti-Christianity

Written and recorded in 2010/2011
Recorded in Metal Zone and DSP studios
This album is dedicated to Arch Evil (Legacy of Blood) and Szczery (Honor) for inspirations…
“Witching gathering” was originally released on a Fullmoon demo. The title is original and the lyrics are written by Loki with the consent of the band Fullmoonm especially for this release.

1.Armies of the Sun 03:52
2.Sakrament Anihilacji 05:51
3.Bractwo Bezprawia 02:58
4.The Journey Through our Existence 04:11
5.By Wygrac Wojne Ras 05:07
6.No Forgiveness 05:02
7.Jydokanibalism 04:20
8.The Archangel of Conflagration 09:37
9.Witching Gathering 04:31
10.Endlösung 04:26