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"Erga Omnes CD"

Newest album from this veteran band, a truly impressive and
massive Death Metal masterpiece you need to check out!
Dark Progressive Death Metal from the land of the ancient
blasphemy and pure occultism, Greece

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"Saetan 666"

Greek Black Metal veterans Nergal are back with a new album
following the mighty Hellenic Undergorund Metal tradition.
Worshippers of old cults like Varathron, Kawir, Necromatia
or Rotting Chist will surely enjoy this one!

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"Urgrund CD"

Newest album! Heathen Warlike Blackened Death Thrash Metal
in the Old Australian Tradition!
Fans of Destroyer 666, Vomitor, Gospel Of The Horns, Desaster
and old Sodom this is for you!!