New Show 2002
1 Intro
2 In Domine Sathana
3 You Are I
4 Quintessence
5 Thou Art Blind
6 Shadows Follow
7 Lex Talionis
8 King Of A Stellar War
9 Middle Intro
10 The Sign Of Evil Existence
11 Archon
12 After Dark I Feel
13 The World Made End
14 Fgmenth, Thy Gift
15 Under The Name Of Legion
16 Outro
Old Show 1996
17 Transform All Suffering Into Plagues
18 Shadows Follow
19 Diastric Alchemy
20 A Dynasty From The Ice
21 The First Field Of The Battle
22 King Of A Stellar War
Bootleg 2003
23 In Domine Sathana
24 You Are I
25 Snowing Still
26 The Sign Of Evil Existence
27 Under The Name Of Legion
28 Outro
29 Sorrowful Farewell

Total running time: approx. 190 minutes.
New Show 2002: Recorded in Kraków in Krzemionki Studio TVP on 7th October 2002.
Old Show 1996: Recorded in Kraków in Łęg Studio TVP on 29th November 1996.
Bootleg 2003: Recorded in Athens in Gagarin Club on 8th February 2003 during European Headline Tour in front of 1500 crazy Greek fans.
We recorded only a part of this show.
Extra contents:
-Report From The Ancient Athens
-Photo Gallery
-Desktop Images
-Art Gallery
-Web Links

Interview recorded in Restauracja Szeroka in Kraków.
“Report From The Ancient Athens” was shot on the Acropolis.
Live footage taken from Rotting Christ concert at “Rodon: Live Club” Athens on January 14th, 2001.